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13 februari

For exhibitors

LARM is Linköping’s Techology Students Career Fair, a career fair currently being arranged for the 37th time on Campus Valla in Linköping. This is your opportunity as a company or organization to meet more than 9000 bright technology students, scientists and researchers at Linköping Institute of Technology.

LARM is arranged by LinTek, The Union of Technology and Science Students at Linköping University, and a group of highly dedicated students with a passion for LARM. Since the very first LARM 37 years ago, the event has given hundreds of companies and thousands of well educated technology students the opportunity to meet, socialize, connect and network for the future in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

The 13th of February Campus Valla is transformed into a vibrant and pulsating career fair focused on the future of Sweden. The 300 students working on LARM spend the day making sure that you as a company, as well as our students, get as much as possible out of your experience. Finally, the grand finale of LARM2018 is the fabulous LARM-banquet at Linköping Concert and Congress, where a fun and rewarding day is finished in style.

Do not miss out on the chance to inspire, motivate and get to know the future of Sweden at LARM2018!

For more information in English, please feel free to contact us.